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Meet Mr and Mrs. Crash Test Dummy - he's a terrible driver!

Many will be familiar with the thought, “I’ll just Google it”, when needing to find information or an answer to a question. Useful, no doubt about it. However, often many depressing news stories, pointless video clips and heated political debates with complete strangers later, quite some time has flown by. But on occasion, you can stumble upon a gem of a site that makes you laugh and is a complete joy. One such discovery is the marvellous SindySnap.

For just over a year, SindySnap aka Juliette Dodd, has been recording the potholes of Hastings and St Leonards and surrounding areas in a project, “The potholes are terrible down our street…”. In a playful and fun way she has drawn attention to the state of the roads (and encouraging people to report them to the council!) by using vintage Sindy, Barbie, Ken, Action Men and other action figures, cleverly posed, costumed and propped, in witty and sometimes camp and risqué scenes, around potholes in various stages of disrepair. Referencing art, films, popular culture, fashion and tv shows of the 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond, the photos are humorously captioned as an added treat.

“The potholes are terrible down our street…” No. 146 Evidence of Alien Invasion? Wishing Tree Road, St Leonards-on-sea. Could all these craters be made by tiny Alien spacecraft landing on our roads/runways? Keep vigilant folks. The Truth Is Out There.
‘The potholes are terrible down our street…’ No 148 Pothole Street Party Jubilee Celebrations at Wadhurst Gardens, St Leonards-on-sea. Wave the flags, blow the trumpet and bang the drum, let’s all give three cheers for Her Majesty the Queen. Hip hip Hooray!

Her latest projects have included scenes for the jubilee and one earlier series, set in the multitude of potholes in and around Rye High Street titled “Mr and Mrs Crash Test Dummy visit Rye”, is shown here.

Entering Rye under the Archway on East Cliff, Mr. CTD managed to hit both of the sunken drain covers, jarring the teeth of his good lady wife.
After hitting a cheeky smaller pothole immediately following on from the massive one they trundled on their merry way.
Mrs.CTD was more interested to follow the trail of her favourite fictional characters Mapp and Lucia, the snobbish but highly amusing creations of E.F. Benson and the wonderful world of one-upmanship, far superior to ‘Keeping up with the Jones’
(Mrs CTD was of course a huge fan)
They had almost lost count how many but Mr.CTD made sure he drove over every single one, even if he had to reverse and side track to hit them all on Market Street.
Finally getting the front wheel stuck in the deepest hole, they had to ask a kindly passer-by for a push.
“What are you doing?” asked a puzzled shopper.
“We are documenting the potholes in Rye.”
“Well I hope you are going to get them sorted,” she replied crossly.
They couldn’t leave without a slow and very bumpy tootle down the world famous cobbles of Mermaid Street. Mrs.CTD swore that was when she cracked both her front teeth.

As well as her regular pothole scenes shown on her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, Juliette Dodd writes and illustrates photo stories and films using her amazing selection of action figures, clothes, props and sets from her collection. In addition, Juliette makes props and costumes to fit her scenes and creates or customises heads for the characters, as in the picture featuring punk icon and model, Jordan.

Punk icon and model, Jordan and friends

SindySnap makes an appearance in other local events, most recently the Hastings Jack in the Green festival in March and last weekend, at the launch of the Bright Foundation, a charity set up by the Academy-winning costume designer, John Bright, to provide children with the experience of creative play, the arts and theatre in the Barn Theatre and Museum. The museum displays John Bright’s antique toy collection including puppets, model theatre sets, dolls, dolls houses and furniture, toy farm animals, and model trains.

Barry and Sindy visit the Bright Foundation. “Barry…I asked for a pineapple Mivvie.”
“It’s all they had Sind.”
Outside in the bright sunlight they wondered around the garden admiring the flowers.

Each imaginative and creative SindySnap photo, video clip and story is a nostalgic delight, and each successfully manages to, in her words, “invoke, provoke, evoke”. Follow SindySnap on the socials, and her regular posts are guaranteed to brighten your day!

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