Potty time at the Boys Club

Louisa Ringham

The Boys Club in Mermaid street has gone through various changes in the past years but now hopefully it will continue with some future stability. It has two large rooms, one of which is used as a youth club and the other has been taken over by a small group of artists. The art part is now called the Mermaid Gallery. I visited at the week-end and was amused as well as impressed by some of the paintings.

The artist loves marbles

In the middle of the room was an installation, the art piece being an ordinary toilet bowl and cistern, stuffed full with glass marbles then cemented solid with Epoxy resin.“It is provocative and tactile,” says artist Luis Lozano. I thought it was wonderful. He added: “It is about those in power trying to undermine Brexit and the will of the people. Sinister forces coming out of unsavoury places.. He claims more than 4,000 marbles are in the piece which he has named’Fifth Columnist’. It is on display along with other works by local artists.

Also on display is the work of Louisa Ringham, who paints alluring industrial landscapes in acrylic.

My favourite – Sue Thatcher

One artist I particularly liked was Sue Thatcher. She is not only an artist but does a lot of upcycling (transforming byproducts or waste material into something new) and paints furniture – any old or broken pieces she can find.

Some of her creative items can be viewed in the back room of the Mermaid Gallery. If you are interested in talking to her because you would like to update or invigorate your furniture, call her on 07845  871556.

The gallery has been open for six months and is working to provide funds for the newly opened youth centre, formerly known as Rye Boys Club, but now called RDBC Community Hub. The gallery is open from 11am – 5pm most days. Donations for the youth centre are welcome and the venue is for hire.


Photos: Heidi Foster

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