Quiz: Kings & Queens, Vicars & Tarts


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1. Which king held himself responsible for the murder of Thomas Becket?
2. The Queen of the Night features in which Mozart opera?
3. Which Queen single was top of the charts twice, in 1975 and again in 1991?
4. Whose first novel was “King Rat”?
5. Which king “looked out on the Feast of Stephen”?
6. In a pack of standard playing cards, which king doesn’t have a moustache?
7. Boadicea (various spellings) was the Queen of which British tribe?
8. Who was the last Queen to rule in Britain before our present one?
9. Queen of the South is a Scottish soccer team who play home games in which town/city?
10. Who, in song, was “King of the Wild Frontier”?


1. Who plays the vicar of Dibley in the TV series of that name?
2. In which movie does Cathy Tyson play a prostitute befriended by Bob Hoskins?
3. Which Russian was known as “The Mad Monk”?
4. “She’s a tart” was a famous, oft repeated line in a TV sit-com, which character was described thus?
5. For playing which musical instrument was Thelonius Monk best known?
6. Who played the prostitute in the movie Pretty Woman?
7. Mix brown sugar and evaporated milk and bake in pastry case and which tart have you got?
8. Who was the other girl at the centre of the Christine Keeler affair?
9. Which ex-con wrote the book “Dead On Time”

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1. Henry II
2. The Magic Flute
3. Bohemian Rhapsody
4. James Clavell
5. Wenceslas
6. Hearts
7. Iceni
8. Victoria
9. Dumfries
10. Davy Crockett


1. Dawn French
2. Mono Lisa
3. Rasputin
4. Lilo Lil (Bread)
5. Piano
6. Julia Roberts
7. Gypsy tart
8. Mandy Rice-Davies
9. John McVicar

Image Credits: Rye News library .

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