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The Rye Community Transport bus service has been chosen this year to be a ‘giver’ for World Book Night – an annual global celebration of books and reading, with free books given away. And, on the 10th anniversary of an event that brings people together all over the world to have a good read, the theme is ‘Books To Make You Smile’. The book that has been selected for Rye is “Sunshine and Sweet Peas in Nightingale Square” by Heidi Swain.

“After the strangest year of the pandemic, repeated lockdowns and isolation it is great to be given a book to make you smile and feel better,” says Niki Stuart, a driver for the transport bus and Rye co-ordinator of the world book night. “It is a feel-good story of neighbours working together and a newcomer being accepted into the fold.”

A captive audience

There are a total of 80 copies of this books to be given away in Rye… for free! Drivers on the 326 bus route and on the vaccination runs to Etchingham and the Hastings Centre are handing out a free copy of the book to passengers. Books are also being given to some of the adults using the Rye Food Bank.

Although world book night is not until April 23, chosen as it is the probable birth and death date of William Shakespeare, the greatest writer in the English language, because of the special circumstances of this year distribution before that date has been allowed and welcomed by the organisers. So, why not grab a free copy of a good read if you are on the Rye Community Transport bus? But remember the books will be given away on a first-come, first-served basis.

Image Credits: Niki Stuart .

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