Revival of international film club


A film club based at the Rye Kino is to be revived after a lapse of some years. A series of two-screenings a month of international films is being planned, with the first film being shown on Monday, March 21 at 7pm.

Using the exclusive space of the Silver Room at the Kino, with its seating capacity of 25 will test the viability of this group as a proposed long-term film appreciation group and society. Ticket price for members is £5 with a season ticket subscription becoming available.

Anwesha Arya

The film club is the brainchild of Dr Anwesha Arya, who teaches at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London and who lives in Rye. She writes; ”Rye, with its strong literary past resonates immediately as a location where audiences are keen to seek more from a film, than just a night out. The on-going monthly nature of the calendar of this festival will hopefully create a regular platform for audience members to dip in and out of the discussions and also glean more insider know-how of how films are made, how they function, and why they play such a crucial part in fashioning future expectations of culture.

“The strongest leanings of all the films are social responsibility through entertainment. The function of film has historically been to create awareness and guide societal change, if not rally people to revolution. This aspect of cinema seems important once more in the current political scenario.

“Re-forming this film club creates a unique platform to share the love of film as well as social responsibility in a wider setting. With my own specialised background and teaching skills, I hope to inspire and enthuse regular audience members, and involve a wider population to appreciate and understand film from a familiar and different perspective. The calendar of a monthly movie festival, featuring two thematically linked films, will begin with a unique anecdotal introduction to the relevance of the film, with intimate details about the makers and the screenplay. It will end with a finely tuned, guided discussion, which may cover several aspects of filmmaking and literature as well as storytelling.

“Taking cue from the Mother’s Day celebrations this month and international women’s day on March 8 we begin on March 21 with Pedro Almodovar’s masterpiece, All about my Mother (1999).

“The proposed film schedule is is built initially around a cross-section of choices that formed my prospectus at the University of Connecticut under the aegis of ‘Cinema as an instrument of social change’, Future films are open to negotiation and suggestion from audience members.”



Image Credits: Rye News library , S Arya .

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