Rye attracts writing royalty

Author Robert Harris

Robert Harris is one of the best-selling authors in the UK and it is a real coup for Rye that he has chosen the town to be one of the first places in the country to talk about his new novel.

The author of Enigma, Munich and V2, will be appearing at Rye Arts Festival on Saturday, September 10 just nine days after his latest novel Act of Oblivion is published, placing our town ahead of most of the UK’s cities, all of whom are clamouring for him to come! Books and talks organiser at Rye Arts Festival John Case has proven to be a very persuasive in order to secure Harris when his book is quite literally hot off the press.

Harris is a former journalist of high reputation and the research involved in all his novels has been exhaustive, detailed and accurate. But he also throws into the mix a natural gift to turn any story he turns to into a fast-paced, well-plotted and exciting read! Act of Oblivion will be an instant best seller, although the story is a departure for him in both time and place, since it focuses on the 17th century and the action shifts from England to the newly settled North American continent.

As well as being an acclaimed writer, Robert Harris is also a great speaker – engaging, knowledgeable and hugely interesting – and his talk is not to be missed.

And nor should Gill Hornsby be missed on Friday, September 9. Gill also writes historical novels and they are also best sellers! Having penned Jane Austen, a novel about the author, she has now written Godmersham Park, which follows Anne Sharp, a governess who was close to Jane and her family.

Gill Hornsby, author of Godmersham Park

Gill is a fabulous writer and great speaker in her own right! And she is also Robert Harris’s wife, so why not see the best Mr and Mrs historical double act in the world of fiction!

Seriously, Rye is lucky to have such top quality authors choosing us as a place to talk about their new novels.

For details of these talks and all the 70 plus events that make up the 51st Rye Arts Festival between 9 and 25 September log on to www.ryeartsfestival.org.uk.

Image Credits: Nick Gregan , RAF .


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