Sell out success


Friday, March 1 saw The Mountain Firework Company musicians play to a full house at Rye Community Centre. The group specifically wanted to launch their new CD in Rye because they enjoyed performing here before. The five talented members of the group entertained the audience with beautiful, yearning and soulful lyrics, sung by the front man, Gareth McGahan, playing guitar and banjo.

He was accompanied by a double bass, electric guitar, drums and the wonderful multi talented fiddler who also played the mandolin and a nyckelharpa, a traditional instrument from Sweden. Their rocking, acoustic, blue grass folk music was enjoyed very much by the wide ranging group of people attending and some couldn’t resist getting up to dance. Unfortunately there was not much dancing space near the stage as the auditorium was so full.

For more information about their next concerts go to the website.

Image Credits: Heidi Foster .

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