Shadows in the gallery

Shadow play
Hidegard Pax – Parallel Shift III
Hildergard Pax_Parallel-Shift-I_Glass

This is an understated title for this new exhibition at the Rye Art Gallery as the pieces of work mounted have a strong level of playful shadow with strong integrity.

The works by the two artists is a genius choice by the curator of the exhibition as the two so wholly compliment each other. I liken them to far away land of great beauty.

Hildegard Pax,

Has a grounding in architectural glass and the jump from that to the use of these delicate colours in art works is so very lovely.

Hildegard says that these works are influenced and inspired by architectural space on a smaller scale and one can see the connection with geometrical shapes intertwined with the light and references to nature that spring out to one.The subtle and soft colours are opaque with such a softness that it makes one feel that one is in a far away land.

Rhoda K Baker,
Rhoda K Baker – Aperture No 5
Rhoda K Baker – Fantail Twist version 2

Has a background in textile design and weaving. This shows but the elements that make her works are more than that. They are mainly white, cut and contoured pieces with dramatic patterns also with geometry. There is a huge amount of light, space and ethereal qualities in the shapes that are sometimes repeated, sometimes stand alone like looking into the distance. Once again into a far away land.

I highly recommend that you see this exhibition for it sheer originality and panache. It is lit dramatically to highlight the depths of the pieces and the shadows made by lines and shapes.

The exhibition at the Rye Art Gallery, in the High Street, started on Saturday September 16 and is on until October 7 2017.
The Gallery is open from 10:30am till 5pm, Monday to Saturday and 11am till 4pm on Sundays and Bank holidays.

Photos: Carol Macdonald

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