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The film ‘Sound of Freedom’ is a true story, an indictment of the heinous crimes and exploitation, human beings are capable of. It is the story of ruthless child trafficking for sexual gratification of depraved men, at times procured and captured by women. It is a tough film to watch but as the actor says at the end as a special message (do stay to the end to hear it): “Story telling brings hope and change, and this story needs to be told, viewed by many and retold.”

Not to give away too much it is basically one man, a homeland security agent who decides to put his life on the line to save, rescue children, boys and girls as young as eight years old, who have been captured as sex slaves. He persuades others to join him in his mission; there are not many who dare to be part of it but he is driven and ventures into the depth of the Columbian jungle, the guerrilla territory, to achieve his goal. The actor in his message, explains that child sex trade as well as adult slave trading is worse now than the slave trade was in the dark past.

The film was made five years ago but Disney put a $10 million lawsuit onto Angel Studio, stopping the film from being shown then. Angel Studio in Provo, Utah, a town with only 120,000 people, invited investors, business people, families and children to view the film and basically achieved a record crowdfunding without Hollywood support. Jeffrey and Neal Harman, directors of Angel Studios, decided that any film they make in the future will be people-backed not Hollywood- backed.

The actual brave security agent, Tim Ballard says: “God’s children are not for sale.”

It is estimated that two million children are being trafficked each year. Yes we here live with a lot of problems and poverty but presently do not have to worry about our children being whisked away to be sex slaves. If anyone wants to know more about the film or even view it on line just Google: Sound of Freedom or ANGEL. FAM/freedom  (it is on in the Kino, Rye).

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