Students on parade


Rye Studio School students have been preparing all week for the upcoming Rye Arts Festival. The whole school will be taking part and parading through the streets of Rye on Friday September 12.

Students have also been helping the festival organisers by building the scenery that will be used in the opera (La Traviata, which is on at the Milligan Theatre in Rye College, September 13, at 6.30pm) as well as creating costumes for the performers and making about 80 masks for the parade, plus being involved in many other preparations going into the event.

I spoke with several students at the school to see what everyone’s role was in helping with the parade and it seems like all students are really involved with getting ready for the festival. Some are lighting/sound crew for the opera, others will be dancing in the parade. I also spoke to some learning coaches at the school to get their feedback on the students’ progress in the days leading up to the festival.

As a YR11 student at Rye Studio School I have been creating a documentary over the course of this week that shows the endeavour that has gone into this event as well as the lead up to it. It looks like all students have been working exceptionally hard and have really put in a lot of effort, hoping that it will be a lot of fun not just for the students but for the people that will be watching the parade on the streets of Rye.

Photo: Harley Gentry

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