Sunday Wurlitzer concert postponed


Rye News has been contacted by Richard Moore of the Rye Wurlitzer Academy (RWA) as regrettably the concert this Sunday November 19 has had to be postponed as the primary access to the venue is over the railway crossing on Rope Walk / The Grove which is to be closed all day both to pedestrians and vehicles, making access to the Rye Theatre virtually impossible. The organisers feel that, with the only possible route home in the dark being up the extremely narrow Deadman’s Lane, which is normally one way in the opposite direction, it would not be a good and safe option for the audience.

A suitable date will be published to re-stage this very special concert next year, along with other Sunday concerts in the planning stages but please spread the word about this unfortunate postponement to anyone you know who may have planned to attend, as the organisers would hate people to have wasted journeys on the day.

Their Christmas Concert is on Friday December 8 with Michael Wooldridge and the RWA students and then their first Sunday Concert for 2024 will be on February 18 with Nicholas Martin B.E.M. from the Midlands.

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