The art of British printmaking


Saturday, November 12 was the opening of the British printmaking exhibition at the Rye Art Gallery (RAG). It presents more than 30 artists and is open until January 7, 2023. RAG director Dr Julian Day explains: “Printmaking has always been a key of the language of art and the focus of our exhibition is to show how makers have in particular used print as the means of disseminating and reproducing artwork. The show will present the different processes of printmaking such as etching, woodcuts, linocuts, lithography and screen printing.”

Although the exhibition has a local theme, it also features artists connected to the gallery’s history and it offers wide ranging artworks and connections between artists working in and around the Kent / Sussex borders. As well as showing the art of British printmaking, Julian is eager to show some prints alongside from the eclectic permanent collection.

The processes of printmaking is a big subject, Julian told the visitors. The etching process alone is expressed so well by Norman Ackcroyd RA when he says: “It demands a simplicity of intent. Working with sumptuous copper, inks, papers and acids, to hopefully achieve this clarity is endlessly satisfying and limitless.”

With the exhibition, the gallery still shows, in the Edward Burra room, a collection of his life.

There is a booklet which has wonderful images of some of the printmaking artists and is available for £5. For more information or to become a friend, please go to:, email or phone on 01797 222 433.

Image Credits: Heidi Foster .

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