A tribute to Carole King


On Saturday, November 18 the Creative Centre presented “A Natural Woman”. Celebrating Carole King, a 60’s icon in the music world, it was arranged and organised  by Sam Williams, who worked in the Creative Centre in the past but has sadly taken his talent elsewhere.

The  evening was unexpectedly fun, as it showcased a variety of local talents, journeying through some of the biggest King song hits,  from early chart-toppers through to the landmark ‘Tapestry’ and beyond. On the screen behind the stage, early pictures of the young Carole and first husband Garry Goffin were shown,  as well as other singers and groups that sang her songs.

Vocal Explosion, Hastings Choir
Clare Ashton-Cobb, Sam Williams, Juliet Russell and Rhonda Merrick

Sam was a great host, himself a musician. His band “The Jane Austin 7” provided vocals and backing vocals on certain numbers, with Sam on the piano, Alan Hounsell on guitar, Rob McCaig and Paul Moon 0n percussion. Saxophonist Ritchie Swann and guitarists Sam South and Tom Short made guest appearances.

All the musicians including the audience enjoying a sing song

Vocalists Clare Ashton-Cobb, Rhonda Merrick, the Rye choir Wall of Sound,  Julie Andrews, a local performer, Juliet Russell from the Hastings choir Vocal Explosion and Ali Catt with Chris Fisher, were fantastic and at times included the audience, who really enjoyed  it.  At the end of the night, all the musicians and singers went on stage and invited people to join them in an encore of ‘One Fine Day’ by Carole King.

Further information on upcoming events can be found at www.ryecreativecentre.co.uk




Photos: Tony Ham

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  1. Graham Lowe from the Wall of Sound choir- We all had a fantastic evening and want to thank Sam Williams for organizing the show and all his hard work having us there to perform the celebration to Carole King and want to thank everyone for watching us, l would love to do all this again for the ones who have missed it


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