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To keep some creativity activity alive when exhibitions and events have had to be cancelled, the Tuesday Painters Art Club, has been arranging a series of ‘challenges’ via their Facebook page. Photos of members’ paintings or works-in-progress are posted as well as images of works by their favourite artists and comments on why they are inspired by them.

Their planned programme of 2020 talks, demonstrations and workshops, along with the summer exhibition, which is usually the highlight event of the year, have had to be cancelled. The exhibition normally takes place over a ten day period in mid-August at St. Mary’s Centre, Lion Street, Rye, so the Club has thought of something else to keep them artfully occupied.

Inspiration for members

Barry Yates, Rye Harbour Nature Reserve

In collaboration with Rye Nature Reserve, the Club is running a painting competition for its members and Dr. Barry Yates of RHNR has given them permission to use any of the wonderful photos posted on their Facebook or their Instagram pages as inspiration for their artworks which will be particularly useful for those who, due to Covid-19, are unable to get out and about to sketch or photograph scenes or nature for themselves. Rye News will also be featuring the winner and winning entries after the closing date of July 31.

View members’ entries online

Photos of entries, which must be related to the Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, will be posted as they come in on the Tuesday Painters’ Facebook page from now until the closing date of July 31. Dr Barry Yates will choose the winning entry and the artist will receive a £50 ArtWrite voucher prize.

Janet Haken of The Tuesday Painters Club says “The photos that are posted on The Rye Nature Harbour Reserve their Facebook page should prove truly inspirational to our artists, and I am very much  looking forward to receiving photos of their entries”.  Members should send their entries to janet.haken2018@mail.com

What is the Tuesday Painters Club?

The Tuesday Painters was founded in 1961 by Captain Martin Evans and his sister. When they came to live in Rye, they found a flourishing organisation for professional artists, the Rye Society of Artists, but nothing for amateur painters. They had both joined what was then the county council art class which met on Tuesdays so, together with the other students, organised the first exhibition.

From this small beginning the club was formed, hence the name ‘Tuesday Painters’ Club of Rye’, and it has continued to flourish and grow ever since.

How to Join

New members are welcome. Initial contact is via Facebook Messenger or you can email the Club Secretary at rosemaryfrostuk@yahoo.co.uk and ask for details.  Membership is £10 per year.

Image Credits: Tuesday Painters Group , Rye Harbour Nature Reserve .

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  1. Thank you, Dee, for posting this article. I would just like to mention that it is not me that ‘runs the Club’: this is done by a Committee of about 7 members. Our Club Secretary, Rosie Frost, does the lion’s share of the work!
    The photos that are posted by Rye Harbour Nature Reserve on their Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/RyeHarbourNR/ – should prove truly inspirational to our artists, and I am very much looking forward to receiving photos of their entries (send to janet.haken2018@mail.co.uk.)


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