What a musical feast


I attended a most wonderful concert in St Mary’s in the Castle on the Hastings sea front on May 20. The Hastings Philharmonic orchestra and choir performed Egmont Overture and Choral Fantasy (Beethoven). A friend was supposed to sing in it, but could not make that evening. She had told me just what an amazing conductor Marcio da Silva was and how he is able to get the best professional work from the orchestra and choir.

Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir

The sound when the orchestra, the piano and the choir came together was magnificent. The acoustics in the building help and it is an iconic building.

Sadly, because inside it is very spacious and can take a large audience, it is noticeable when the place is not filled.

The second half gave us Brahms Symphony in D minor without the choir. Everyone loved it and showed their appreciation by clapping for a long time at the end, getting Marcio da Silva back out on stage several times.

A few of the fifty strong orchestra with Marcio da Silva in the middle

He was born in Brazil, and studied singing and orchestral conducting at the Conservatoire de Toulouse, France, and my friend told me that Marcio sings a beautiful baritone and counter tenor and can easily take on alto and even soprano.

Marcio da Silva has been music director of the Hastings Philharmonic choir for five years. His vision inspired the creation of the philharmonic orchestra and joining it with the choir.

He is young, talented and inspiring as a conductor. One could feel the music through his body language, being in control of the orchestra, each musician whether it was rousing or gentle music. The whole evening was very special. For more information on their 2017/18 season visit their website.



Photos: Heidi Foster

Image Credits: Hastings Philharmonic .

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