Grab a classic at Camber

The new Pie and Mash shop at Camber

The heart and history of London have arrived in Camber.

You can now grab a great British classic – the traditional Goddard’s London pie and mash (and liquor) from the Pie and Mash shop on the main road outside the gates to Pontins.

Established in 1890 with Goddard’s original family recipes, pie lovers yearning for the genuine flavour of east London with that unique green liquor (the recipe for which is kept a family secret) can now indulge their taste buds with a dish so dearly loved by eastenders.

Traditional pie and mash, now available in Camber

Goddard’s is a family business with roots in east London, and with years of history and heritage, they take their traditional pie-making very seriously. At Camber’s Pie and Mash, pies are cooked containing a secret Goddard’s family recipe that originated before preservatives, additives, and e-numbers existed, so all you get is wholesome goodness and a mouth-watering flavour.

The minced beef steak is encased in a soft bottom pastry, covered with a crispy flaky top, and served with fluffy mashed potato. The indispensable element of a Goddard’s pie and mash meal, that distinctive green liquor, is no longer made of eel juice. It’s now a green parsley-based sauce that has proved a family favourite for many years.

All food is freshly cooked on the premises, you can eat in, or take away for that lazy lunch on the sands. Office orders are catered for, or you can reserve a seated area, inside or out, during normal opening hours.

And at Pie and Mash, it’s not just pie and mash…there’s a whole café menu to choose from… and full English breakfasts and mugs of tea reign supreme!

Full English breakfasts reign supreme on the café menu at Pie and Mash, Camber

Image Credits: Micahel Grant Chapman , Michael Grant Chapman .


  1. I find it very interesting that the photograph of the front of the shop states pie and mash it’s all we do
    Yet the article states that Full English breakfasts reign supreme on the café menu at Pie and Mash.
    The article seems to contradict itself.

  2. Goddard’s made their first pie in Deptford in 1890 and therefore their roots and flavours are grounded in South rather than East London! Interestingly, their factory is now in Sevenoaks, making them the Pie of Kent! Or is that Kentish Pie?


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