Because he’s worth it


What do Hollywood “A” listers Jennifer Aniston and Emma Watson have in common with local County Councillor Keith Glazier, the chunky leader of East Sussex County Council?

They all think “they’re worth it”! In the case of the former Friends and Harry Potter stars, they have made large sums of money grafting for L’Oreal cosmetics because, as they say, “I’m worth it!”.

Meanwhile Councillor Glazier has just been awarded a eye-watering 37% rise in his annual allowance as leader of East Sussex County Council, up to £34,000 per annum. In response, Glazier unashamedly claimed he is “worth the money and more”! Seems he’s being short-changed!

Meanwhile, all the other councillors in the Conservative controlled council will get a humble 9% rise.

It appears that once again there is one rule for the elite and quite another for the employees of the council who are, on the whole, subject to a 1% pay cap. There seems to be little shame in evidence – maybe it was washed off with some expensive gel in the executive showers.

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  1. Whether you agree or disagree with the increase in allowances to the county councillors and particularly the leaders increase, I don’t think that warrants a personal comment , quote ‘the chunky leader’ , personally I find uncalled for and unnecessary.

    Paul Osborne
    Bald builder !


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