Market shrinks weekly

Do we really want a market?

Forthcoming PCC election

A retired senior policeman gives his thoughts on the PCC election later this spring

Market white marquee

The white marquee is a big space to fill, it will be interesting to see what happens next

Finally time for a bypass?

Should we look again at the possibility of a bypass? One resident thinks so

Global warming, not all doom

A local farmer examines some of the effects, advantages and answers to climate change

Fifty rounds of chemotherapy

A local man battles cancer

Support local shops

Shop locally if possible - there is a lot on offer

Save Rye Station woods

Please save Rye Station Woods, the last known nesting site for turtle doves in Rye

Gaps in the market

Our weekly market is an important institution. Let's hope it returns to its former glory soon

Turtle doves nest behind station

The belt of trees behind Rye rail station is home to some of Britain's rarest species

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