Veganuary: farmer fights back

Do livestock farmers really contribute to global warming? One local farmer argues that this is nonsense

Will Big Ben bong for Brexit?

A reader asks for closure

Council to set up homes developer

RDC plans on building 1,000 homes

CPE consultation ignored?

What was the point of a public consultation?

Enjoy free parking while you can

Did you realise Rye's one hour free parking rule is at risk of being scrapped?

Extinction Rebellion – what next?

Can governments be forced to change the environment?

Smart meter resistance

We resisted the thought of a smart meter, but it had to come

Crossroads – a reader’s view

Running a local newspaper - some advice for Rye News

Can we sell Rye better?

Do we do enough to show off Rye's heritage?

A question of sport.

Rye News wants news and reviews about the sport that interests you

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