Car parking manoeuvres


To follow on from last week’s article of a picture of a full car park at 8am on Thursday in Rye, I thought I would show you an empty one and it is free parking till 9am.

I would like to propose to both Rye Town Council and Rother District Council the following:

The current coach parking at the station car park is moved to Gibbet Marsh and a coach drop-off and pick-up is setup at the station car park. This would allow the creation of at least an extra 70 car spaces and an area for cycle users in the station car park.

I would like to finish with a story about nice old couple I met on the train on a Wednesday. I think they were from Peamarsh and had gone up to London for the day. They were travelling back to Rye at about 8pm. Does either council think it is acceptable that if this couple had to travel on a Thursday they would had to have a 10 to 15 minute walk to an unlit and isolated Gibbet Marsh car park?

These are the type of people who are being effected by the current parking problems on Thursday as most of the commuters are normally there before 7am on Thursday or are drop offs.

If you agree that the coach parking should be moved to Gibbet Marsh please send an email entitled “Please move the station coach park to Gibbet Marsh” to Rye Town Council and to RDC Parking.

Paul Barker
Broad Oak
Rye Commuter

Photo: Paul Barker

Image Credits: Rye News library .

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