Contrasting supermarket shelves

Waitrose Clapham supermarket March 20

The national newspapers have been carrying stories this last week of shoppers emptying supermarket shelves and one reader’s friend took photos in a couple of supermarkets in Clapham High Street.

By way of contrast, Christopher Royle our correspondent says of our local Rye superstore: “Overall I have been quite impressed by Jempson’s being able to continue to stock their shelves quite well over this period of crisis.”

This experience is mirrored at the Jempson’s’ Peasmarsh store. Certainly there were items that had vanished when we went last Saturday such as loo rolls, pasta and bacon.

Also missing was fresh milk, but the lady behind the counter assured my wife that there was some held back in reserve for the elderly, if needed. On the other hand it was observed that the fresh fruit and vegetables were in plentiful supply.

Jempson’s Rye superstore

There was evidence also (from vehicle number plates and accents) of greatly increased demand from people outside the area, but the supply chain appeared to be working well at that point to satisfy the needs of local residents.

For the most recent update see this story.

Image Credits: Chris Royle , Kenneth Bird .

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  1. Criticisms regarding Jempsons Stores seem to be an ongoing issue. Their prices are too high, not enough selection. they do not open on Sundays, the bus no longer runs. People are entitled to shop where they wish in this day and age. Under normal circumstances on line at their favourite shop, by bus ( often a free bus pass) to Aldi or Lidl or locally. We all have different priorities.
    We would just like to say a big Thank you to Stephen Jempson and his team for the service they are providing during the current pandemic.
    We were not allowed a slot online for any of the big stores because although over 70 we do not have underlying health issues so we were very relieved when we saw that Jempsons were doing home deliveries.
    Each week I have emailed my list to Jempsons, within a day James has got back to me. I have paid over the phone and the shopping has been delivered the next day.I have even been asked by James how I am.
    As keen gardeners we were anxious that we could obtain vegetable plants for our garden and allotment. I emailed Jempsons at Peasmarsh and asked if I sent a list could it be selected and paid for over the phone and collected to avoid any unnecessary time in the shop. Within minutes Emma got back to me and said that Stephen Jempson would be pleased to do that. She would ring me when they were selected and I would pay and then collect them.This we did. They were set aside and brought to our car by a very helpful gentleman.The plants were some of the best we have ever had. Thank you very much Stephen and all your team for making a very difficult time much easier for us.


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