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Dear Sir

As an 83-year-old gentleman of Winchelsea Beach, trying to keep his little bit of independence, I very recently decided to go to Rye on my mobility scooter which will do 8mph on a decent pavement.

I attempted the 30-minute journey and with great trepidation managed to drive from the bridge over the River Brede at the end of Sea Road on the edge of Winchelsea to the block house corner, scraping my arms and legs on the brambles and stinging nettles which have grown across the verge to the 6in kerb.

There was no turning back now and with cars and lorries coming towards me from Rye I had to get over to the opposite side of the road.

I managed to get off my mobility scooter which is not recommended and walk it very gingerly down the kerb and with a clear few moments that I had with traffic coming at me from both directions I got across to the left side of the carriageway.

There being no pavement on that side of the road, with my hazard lights on I very soon hit 8mph, and with a following wind, arrived at the start of the houses on the Rye end of the New Winchelsea Road and, with my heart in my mouth, I was able to cross over and continue my journey to Rye Harbour to have a nice breakfast at the “Bosun’s Bites Cafe”.

Now my kids think I shouldn’t be allowed out on my own for my own sake and safety! So if you saw me on my epic journey, and lots of drivers gave me blasts on their hooters, which I acknowledged, some probably thought “silly old fool”.

Anyway if this short bit of nonsense inspires the East Sussex County Council (ESCC) to clear the over-grown foliage from the said pavement myself and no doubt someone brave enough to walk the couple of miles will be extremely happy.

Yours truly

A very disgruntled 83-year-old quite well known for his short story writing

[Editor’s note: As the A259 (the Royal Military Road/New Winchelsea Road) is a trunk road, the Highways Agency is probably responsible for the overgrown pavement rather than ESCC]

Image Credits: Rye News library .

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  1. I applaud your initiative and agree that the pavement is in a disgraceful state, but to get to Rye Harbour a much safer and traffic-free route would have been along the beach road through the nature reserve. I hope the breakfast at the end made the expedition worth while.

  2. Not only is the pavement in an appalling state, but the verge on the opposite side of our houses in New Winchelsea Road are a disgrace, after contacting East Sussex Highways, they told me the responsibility now lies with The town council, I asked on another post why they have not been done, and am still waiting for the town clerk to reply, as he is supposed to be the spokesman for our elected Councillors.


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