Rubbish a disgrace


Dear Sir

The accumulated rubbish on the river path by the cricket ground is a disgrace and has not been cleared for months. This morning (August 22) while I was walking my dog, a rat ran out of it.

It is an eyesore and now a health risk to residents and visitors alike.

[Editor’s note: This path, along with the nearby skateboard park, is indeed a mess and while it is probably no good expecting any help from Rother with this, I wonder if our very good town steward, on one of his rubbish-clearing expeditions, could have a look at this area. The longer it is left looking like a rubbish tip, the more people treat it as such.]

Image Credits: John Minter .

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  1. Well yes maybe the Town Steward should as its his responsibility… Just like the town council own the skate park and never carry out litter picks. Which create s the most litter on the site!!!!

  2. I emailed the town Steward about a litter pick here about 3 weeks ago. He said he would look into it. Watch this space


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