Who’s a naughty boy then?


Who’s to blame for these waste bins  – people, the council, or seagulls? I thought they were supposed to be seagull proof.

Many times throughout the year waste bins’ contents are ripped to pieces by the gulls in the town. Does anybody know the answer to this problem?

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  1. On a recent visit to Dungeness we came across some similarly sized waste bins but the big difference was the opening for the litter. It was like a letterbox, therefore allowing rubbish to be put inside but no way to get it out again. Seems like a very good solution to the greedy seagull problem. Another good solution would be to have far bigger signs asking people n
    ot to feed them because they become very aggressive. We see endless families and couples feeding the birds their left over chips, some even sitting opposite the signs saying don’t do it.


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