Will Big Ben bong for Brexit?


Dear Sir

If and when Big Ben strikes on January 31 at 11pm, and as from now Brexit supporters have been given permission for a party in London’s parliament square, will then all remainers concede that we will no longer be in Europe?


Vic Vicary

Image Credits: Dietmar Rabich / Wikimedia Commons / "London (UK), Elizabeth Tower, -Big Ben- — 2010 — 1979” / CC BY-SA 4.0 .

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  1. Correction: Until December 31st 2020 the UK remains de facto in the EU. The UK has then a short period of time in which to establish a future relationship with the EU. There Remains the prospect of more business uncertainty until next December. At which point my geography teaches me we will still be in Europe. Presumably you like the idea of a Bong for a bob.

  2. The EU rather pompously referrers to itself as “Europe” much as deGaulle believed he was France. Of course it’s nonsense. It seems that anti democrat EU supporters still have control of the house committee that decides on bongs. December 31st fine – joining 7.3 billion other souls not in the EU is for them not a matter for celebration. I will be drinking English Champagne at 11 pm after a dinner washed down with English wine. Although I’m sad the sour pusses cannot accept democracy it will not prevent me and other democrats celebrating a great victory and wonderful future.

  3. How one must agree with michael wood, time to move on and embrace an exciting future for our country, as for the recent election, the torys Manifesto to get brexit done,was certainly a winner, as we have seen as others lick their wounds in defeat.

  4. To answer Vic’s question “will remainers concede now that we will not be part of Europe after 31st?”

    Of course we need to accept it but concede -No! We also know we cannot change the damaging course of Brexit but it does not mean that we like it or will keep quiet. A few remainers may have changed their mind but I would say that most of the 48%, nearly half the population, are not happy at the celebration promised by B Johnson and the government. He was talking about uniting the country. I doubt that there will be a love-in between remainers and Brexiteers . It will take more than a few baubles to get us European supporters to cross the line.

  5. Err – we will always be in Europe unless Mr Vicary wishes to tow us elsewhere. There will now be a year of arguments, claim and counter-claim whilst we try to do the hard part: work out what our relationship will be with our closest trading partners. Some businesses will benefit and thrive, some will disappear: there will be winners and losers – get used to it; it will happen and we will suffer or benefit from the results.

    Big Ben and Bongs? `i love populism: just have a party with like minded people and look forward to the year …

  6. We bought a bottle of English Champagne (I use the word deliberately A) Because we invented it and B) Because if the Bremen based Becks can make IPA – I think it’s fair game.) that we will drink on the 31st to toast our rejoining 7.4 billion people.

    I’m old enough to remember the shame many of us felt when we turned our back on the Commonwealth to join the Common Market. It seemed perverse, then, to treat those who had stood by us in such a shoddy way. Of course they got on, developed new markets and prospered. Now they want close relations again. It is all good news.

    Those who continue to dream of a United States of EU are on the wrong side of history. I predict we are simply the first to reject the latest European Empire, more will follow.

  7. Well, Big Ben isn’t going to bong for Brexit and why should it? Remainers accept the result but don’t ask us to look forward to our break with the EU. I’m personally sick and tired of the jingoistic rubbish from Leavers. You’ve got permission to have your party and enjoy your flag waving where ever you like, no one is stopping you.

  8. Maybe,just maybe if Steve Blattmans labour party had honoured the referendum like all party’s said they would before the vote, then there wouldn’t be all the bitterness, that they have shown against brexiteers, a lesson labour needs to address over the next 5 years, or they will spend another term in the wilderness.


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