Confused loos news – part one

Public toilets at Strand Quay

Rye Town Council was expecting to hear from Rother District Council (RDC) last week about all the public conveniences being re-opened, or even see them opened, but by Monday nothing had been heard, said the town clerk, so it is “no noos on the loos”.

However this proved to be wrong – as an eagle eyed resident in Strand Quay apparently discovered later on Monday.

On Tuesday however Rother informed the town clerk that the loos at the station and the Gun Garden in Rye had re-opened, but no mention was made of Strand Quay at all.

Instead RDC executive director Malcolm Johnston said: “We are taking a cautious, phased approach to opening toilets and only opening those facilities where we can reasonably support appropriate cleansing schedules to meet government guidelines and whilst remaining within the contracted resources.

“This situation is being kept under review as guidance and/or resources change”

Image Credits: Kenneth Bird .


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