Confused loo news – part two

Relief at last on Strand Quay from discreetly positioned portaloo

On Monday, July 6 – surprise surprise –  a portable loo appeared on Strand Quay, in the corner behind the official (but closed) loos, where people saw individuals doing things one would not expect, like peeing against the wall.

At last – or is it ? This reporter wrote about the lack of toilets being open in the town in Rye News recently, and there were complaints to Rother as it happened in other places as well.

Initially locals felt that Rother District Council (RDC) was not listening and wondered why they could not pay for the daily cleaners required because of Covid, so that the local toilets could be opened.

Someone [Editor’s note: But not RDC it seems] found an answer by providing a Portaloo at Strand Quay. While it is a result, one wonders what that cost is compared to that of a cleaner for the day as it will need to be looked after as well.

The interesting thing is the sign which says that there is CCTV in that corner, so who knows what could be watched on the tape recently.

[Editor’s note: However, as the Rother public loo is next door to some facilities just for boat owners, could the Portaloo be something to do with those – which might be an Environment Agency responsibility?]

Image Credits: Heidi Foster .


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