Hook, line and sinker

A fisherman's dream

Admittedly, Sue’s Tackle Cabin is somewhere I had never heard of, my excuse is that not being a fisherman then why would I?

Had I had been part of the fishing fraternity I would have known that despite having only being established since 2015, Sue’s Tackle Cabin is now one of the biggest fishing tackle shops in the south east and is a family owned success story which continues to grow.

Sue’s husband and owner of the business, Robbie Hollands, left school at 15 and joined his dad, a boat builder, for the next six years on his 42 foot trawler, fishing out of the port of Rye. This is where it all started and for the past 40 plus years Robbie has been mad keen on fishing but his one time hobby has now grown beyond all expectations due to the hard work and initiative of all the family members involved.

I had the pleasure of meeting Robbie in his office, on the first floor of his warehouse, his office was like his personality, warm and inviting and our interview lasted about an hour and a half but I left feeling I had known him for years despite having only met him for the first time that day. His passion for his business is obvious and when his fathers boat building business (which operated from the site) came to an end the opportunity to realise his ambition arrived.

Robbie Hollands taking stock. A self-made man running two successful businesses.

After a coffee and a chat I toured the warehouse and even for someone who knows absolutely nothing about fishing I was like a big kid in a sweetshop surrounded over two floors with everything known to man, in the world of fishing with huge stock ranges from some of the biggest names in the business including Nash, Korda, Shimano, Guru, Kodex, Middy and Solar to name but a few and catering for sea, beach, coarse, carp, catfish and pike fishing.

I had no idea what is used to catch fish, the bait room was like wandering down the isle of an upmarket supermarket seeing all the selection of goodies of all shapes, sizes and flavours, if I were a fish I think I would be tempted, they all looked so inviting! There are rods and nets of every description, and a large area dedicated for the sale of wet weather clothing and footwear for all weathers.

Bait of every description, size and flavour.

The initial outlay to kit yourself out properly and professionally can run into quite a lot of money but once you have it, it will last you for years. Beginners and children can buy a much cheaper and more suitable range but the great news is that this Friday, 26 November 2021 is Black Friday and everything in the shop is available at 20% off the marked price for the day.

As if this wasn’t enough, by paying just £1 you get tea, coffee, cake and even a beer if you want. Just arrive anytime between 12 noon and 6pm and Robbie, Sue and various members of the family will be there to greet you and show you around. Rye Spice, which is owned and run by the same family is also taking part in the same 20% off everything promotion and it’s all under the same roof.

Spread the word as here’s your chance to grab some bargains for Christmas, anything to do with fishing and everything you might need for baking, every spice there is available in small packets or 1 ton bags, chutneys of every description, presentation selections and so much more. Shelves groaning with goodies for Christmas, and parking is free.

Sue’s Tackle Cabin, The Spice Warehouse, Rye Harbour, Rye, East Sussex, TN31 7TE. 01797 225015 or email robbie@ryespice.co.uk or check out the website at www.suestacklecabin.co.uk.

Image Credits: Robbie Holland , Nick Forman , Sues Tackle Cabin .


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