Quick fixes. Poor results

Still a hazard ?

Several weeks ago a water leak occurred near the Rye Heritage Centre, but what a poor job the company contracted to effect repairs made of it. They may have stopped the leak but the hole, the newly resurfaced road, and the kerb stone and pavement were just filled in with tarmac.

And it would also have been a good time to sort out the mess of water covers, broken flag stones and concrete to make the area safer to walk on.

Image Credits: Tony Roi .


  1. I have contacted the company responsible and they informed me that they are planning to schedule a repair. They don’t do things quickly, do they?

  2. Good for you Tony Roi for bringing this to our attention and for following it up. Another surprise to me was the concrete bollard in front of Rye Butchers in Cinque Ports Street, alongside the three metal ones. Who put that there and why (other than saving themselves money)? I know these are somewhat parochial matters, but bit by bit, these things add up to an erosion of place and identity.


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