When grass hid a hazard


In June 2019 I was on holiday at Winchelsea Sands holiday park. I always took my dog for a walk in the area on Smeatons Lane / Dogs Hill Road [Editor’s note: Described in the A-Z Street Atlas as Harbour Field Recreation Ground] . On June 6, 2019 I was walking my dog in this field when I fell down a rabbit hole. The grass was so long I couldn’t see the hazard.

This fall has resulted in my vertebrae being fractured and I have had constant pain throughout the last 15 months. I’m due to go to hospital for more invasive treatment on my back. I have contacted the parish council via a solicitor and they have stated that the green is maintained.

I have photographic evidence of the holes in the field with the grass covering them. I need help getting my story out to the public as I’m going to have to live with this pain for the rest of my life.

[Editor’s note: Has anybody had similar experiences in the same place?]

Image Credits: K. Bird .

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