There are more bins!

These wheelie bins in the station carpark are locked and NOT for public use.

If you wander round to the car park behind the leisure centre off Grove Road in Rye you will see the recycling area complete with a selection of wheelie bins for glass, cardboard, general waste etc. And getting rid of extra waste at the moment is quite a challenge until the council recycling centres are open again and as a result, these bins are proving to be very popular.

So much so that, despite being emptied regularly, it does not take long before they are overflowing once more. And when the wind gets up the rubbish is spread around and, with the lids of the bins being left open (as there is too much in them), the seagulls are having a field day, dining out on a daily basis and no doubt our furry long tailed visitors may follow suit in due course.

Overflowing bins are very popular with seagulls and vermin

Part of the problem is what is put in the bins, and how, as if cardboard boxes were broken down first, rather than being put in whole, there would be twice as much capacity as there is now. It takes a bit more time and forethought but surely it’s worth the effort and we all benefit as a result.

There is also another possible solution, but many of us seem unaware that there is a further selection of wheelie bins in the station carpark, at the station end, where you can take your recycling and general rubbish to the designated bins.

Bins behind the leisure centre are often full and over flowing.

The two photographs used in this article were both taken on Wednesday, February 10, and you can see how the problem could be alleviated if our rubbish is ‘shared’ between the two recycling locations. But, at the moment, the bins in the station car park are very under utilised and often virtually empty. Both locations are regularly emptied and, if we use them both, it will help to prevent the seagulls enjoying regular meals out and reduce the potential of attracting rats and vermin.

Image Credits: Nick Forman .


  1. There were bins at Gibbett Marsh but they too were overflowing regularly. One contributor at the time thought it was a very poor image to portray of Rye as folk parked up for a day rambling around the town. Complaints were made to Rother, who promptly took them away!!! That sounds like RDC

  2. I didn’t think the bins in the station car park were for public use as they belong to the station and florists.
    So are probably locked to prevent people dumping their rubbish in them.

  3. Thanks Steve and Q King for your comments, its obviously not clear as to who can use the station carpark bins and who can’t but unless anyone else can clarify it for us I will write a follow up article in next weeks Rye News with some answers, hopefully! Nick Forman

  4. Hello, I am the station manager for Rye station. The station bins are locked at all times for security and safety reasons and also because they are for the station and florist use only. The public are not able to use these bins I’m afraid.

  5. After the initial revelation in Nick’s article that there might be more recycling bins available (maybe researching the facts might have been an idea before it was published?) it transpires that the bins in the station car park are not for public use, as mentioned in the comments above.

    It might be an obvious question, but why can’t the council provide more recycling bins? We’ve tried going on various days of the week and they’re always over-full (and disgusting) – I’m interested to know what ’emptied regularly’ actually means?

    We like to feel that we are ‘green-concious’ citizens and recycle / try to use non-single use plastic as much as we can, but it’s impossible if sufficient facilities are not provided locally.

  6. Hi Emma, thanks for your comments on the article and I will be doing a follow article in next weeks edition but a couple of points worth mentioning, I and others have been using these bins for recycling when the others have been full, had there been a sign to say they were for the exclusive use of the station and the florist then fair enough I would have gone elsewhere but there wasnt. The last time I used the red bin (last week) there was no lock on it but there is now.
    I have been in direct contact today with the station manager and signs will shortly be appearing to say they are for private, not public use. At least now, we know who can and cannot use them. We probably do need more bins but when the Recycling centres are able to open again the situation should improve. Looking on the RDC website there are other bins we can use at Rye Harbour, Winchelsea and in Peasmarsh at Jempsons which I will include in next weeks article but maybe we need to lobby RDC for additional bins in any event?

  7. The recycling centre at The Grove is a disaster.

    •Insufficient resources.
    •One of the bins is broken and obviously cannot be loaded on van. It’s been there for weeks.
    •They used to keep bottles, plastics and cardboard separate. Now Everything is together including voluminous cardboard taking up all the space.
    •black bin rubbish is added to the mix of recyclables which the seagulls spread everywhere.
    •add TIPPING to the mix and you’ve got a hideous mess. There’s yet another mattress there at the moment.
    I despair.


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