Times they are a changing

The swans' breeding ground has now been taken over by the seasonal crop of rape.

Writing about the coronavirus and the way our lives are changing is easy, there’s a wealth of material out there. Every single one of us is affected by this pandemic in one way or another, and information about it is everywhere.

However there’s a good chance we could become consumed by it and easily miss out on all the positivity going on around us.

New lambs springing into life as the sun finally arrives.

At last, after a miserable wet winter the better weather has finally arrived, and the whiff of burning charcoal can be smelt wafting out from rear gardens as the seasonal barbeque gets dusted off and rebirthed.

The muddy fields are now rich with crops of seasonal rape, spring lambs are jumping around the fresh green fields without a care in the world and, right on cue, the seagulls have once more descended on us for the annual mating season.

Chimneys make great vantage points if you’re a seagull looking for somewhere to build a nest.

Sure, it’s a time of great change, a frightening and uncertain future for us all. But when normality resumes  we can look back on these dark times and remember not just the surreal quiet, the traffic free streets, the lack of noise from planes overhead but also the sound of spring birdsong, the beautiful blue sky weather, and the Thursday night clap alongs.

There could be huge changes to the way we live our lives in future but thankfully spring will continue to come around each year and with it all the things which make us smile and feel just a little bit better.

Image Credits: Nick Forman .


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