Jubilee celebrations in Rye

The town crier, mayor and Ryebellion

On Thursday, June 2, the platinum jubilee in Rye opened with a bang, well a drum actually. A performance by the Ryebellion Drummers opened the event, followed by some patriotic songs by Ryesingers including a solo by our very own town crier, Paul Goring.

Local actor, Martin Wimbush delivered a robust reading of John Betjeman’s “Jubilee Hymn” then I said some words about the sovereign’s long and close links to the military.

Just before 2pm, the town crier joined around 150 colleagues nationwide by making a special “jubilee proclamation”.

The finale was three cheers for Her Majesty the Queen, led by the mayor of Rye, Councillor Andi Rivett.

All was supported by the deputy town clerk, Jessica Neame and her team at the town hall.

The crowd of around 200 much enjoyed the spectacle and occasional merriment, on this special day marking 70 years of service to the nation by the sovereign, much as earlier crowds would have done on similar traditional occasions in the antient town.

Image Credits: Anthony Kimber .


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