Dance lessons at Sports Centre

Splitz Dance Academy based in Rye Sports Centre

The Splitz Dance Academy offering lessons based in Rye Sports Centre was founded in 2009.
Lessons are for children aged 12 months onwards, on top of the fun and fitness the lessons offer Imperial Society of Teachers Dancing Examinations (ISTD), Shows, Competitions and Confidence Building and furthering careers.
The ISTD is one of the worlds leading examination boards and has been around for 110 years covering a wide range of dance genres and also providing training for dance teachers and examiners.
There is a variety of dance to choose from including Ballet, Modern,Tap, Musical Theatre, Arco Gymnastics and Twinkle Tots Baby Dance with the first dance lesson free. The aim is to turn childrens dreams into reality or simply spreading the joy of dance.
The Principal is Stacey Caister, she started dancing at the tender age of 2 1/2 and first performed on stage as early as 3.  When she was 4 Stacey was taking examinations, achieving the highest marks available in the ISTD examinations.
When she was 11 Stacey was performing pantomimes at the White Rock in Hastings and at the age of 13 was Captain and taking charge of seniors and the whole dance company.  She has gone on to run a full musical production and continues to teach and perform today.
If you are interested or would like more information on the classes Stacey can be contacted by phone on 07812 452153 or email

Micky Day


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