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Greg Russell reported recently in Rye News about the possibility of swimming in the lake of Rye Watersports. This is of course good news but just to clarify, you can only swim along the circuit which has been created for the lessons, not in the whole of the lake. It’s a wonderful place for adults and children to experience a variety of water sports. It offers lessons or for people to bring their own equipment for windsurfing, winging, sailing, paddle boarding and more.

There’s nothing like that feeling of freedom

They also offer lessons for RYA sailing certificates, stage 1-4, a “Kids Watersport Party” with arranged fun activities for age seven and upward. All courses include equipment, wetsuits and buoyancy aids but it is suggested to bring appropriate footwear. There is plenty of parking, a cafĂ©, changing room, an on site shop and enough equipment for a group. This reporter can vouch for the fun to be had, taking her first kayaking experience, one more thing off the bucket list.

What’s on the menu today?

The business is run by a local family and all are involved in working there as well as youngsters on their summer break and who were very helpful with putting on the life-jacket, instructing how to get into the kayak without getting too wet (at least at the start) and how to use the oars.

All ready for action.

What bliss, paddling among the windsurfers and dinghies even in the spitting rain. It was great to see the tots dressed up in helmets and wetsuits listening to the instructor, walking as a group to the waters edge and waiting to get their lesson on the boat. These are really excellent summer and weekend activities led by friendly and enthusiastic staff.

Clothing for sale.

For more information go to:, or email them on or 01797 225238.

Image Credits: Rye Watersports , Nick Forman , Heidi Foster .

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