New bowlers please


Visitors were welcomed to try out bowls at the pitch on the Salts at the weekend. I went along in the morning of April 29 to try to my arm. Donald Williams, who has been playing for more than 30 years took me in hand and attempted to teach me the basics of the game.

He had his work cut out as although I eventually understood the rudiments of the theory of the game, I was completely incapable of putting them into practice. I seemed totally unable to throw (or roll) forehand, my stance and swinging arm style was completely inappropriate and most of the time I resorted to standing on one leg, which was no help at all. I was better at backhand in that I could control the ball to some extent, but unfortunately, invariably I held the ball with the heavier weight on the outside, meaning that as I threw, the ball veered in the opposite direction to the small ball, or “jack” that I was trying to reach.

Eventually Donald had to resort to placing the ball in my hand each time before I threw, entreating me not to change it. I did get a bit better then but it was hardly fair.

There are about 30 members of Rye Bowls Club and they are actively recruiting more. Over a friendly cup of tea in the pavilion after my session, they explained to me that the outdoor season lasts from now until about September. Over winter and spring, many of them play indoor short mat bowls at Winchelsea and long mat at Hastings.

People interested in pursuing this opportunity are welcome to join club members on Fridays from 10am and Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm. Contact the captain, Annette Bull for more information on 01797 226495 or by email

Photo: Seana Lanigan

Image Credits: Rye Bowls Club .

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