Rye News boules in

In petanque you throw the ball instead of rolling it

The game of petanque (boules) is a form of bowls where the aim is to throw metal balls as close as possible to a small wooden ball called a cochonnet (jack) – and Rye News is holding a tournament on Saturday September 13 from 2pm at the Strand – and there may well be a cup to play for.

Petanque is usually played on gravel or hard dirt called a piste (pitch) and it is popular in France where it is played by about 17 million people, and it has been stated to be the fastest growing sport in the UK for many years now.

Petanque is one of the most enjoyable games, and anybody can play it without fear of humiliation. Some play well naturally, some learn to play well, and some never learn. In the end, it does not matter much, the game is full of smiles and handshakes. It provides competition and companionship to man, woman and child, and the sport is unique in that a team may comprise one of each, or three of any one. And the Rye News tournament will be flexible on the day, depending who turns up.

Expertise comes in two basic forms, the player skilled in pointing, in getting the boule close to the cochonnet, and those who provide the greater excitement by tossing a boule in a high parabola so that it lands on the boule of the opposing player and shoots it out of contention.

The teams will be of three players and, if you do not have a team, then come along and make or join a team. There will be boules provided for players who have not got a set, and there is parking on the Strand Quay for competitors. Entries will be accepted on the day but, if you would like to enter, please contact Dennis Leeds-George on 01797222396 or by email leedsgeorge1@ btconnect.com. The format of the Competition will depend on the number of entries.