Rye Runners’ solution to getting fit


The new year is often the time we set new goals, especially about keeping fit. However, many people fall by the wayside because the motivation just does not last. Many people have found that working with others helps. Rye Runners have a solution which may well work for you.

“We have a ‘new beginners’ group happening at Rye Runners starting this Saturday, January 13. It’s a ten-week course, every Saturday at 10:30 am, meeting at the Cricket Pavilion at the Salts. The course is completely free to anyone aged 16 and over.

“The ten-weeks are designed to slowly boost people’s confidence within a safe and fun environment and help people realise their own potential over that time, not only to boost confidence but ability and stamina too. With some homework each week, everyone will learn a toolbox of tips and techniques to make running more enjoyable. These techniques vary from, how to tackle a hill without walking or getting a taxi, how to gain speed, how to pace, and so on…

“The reason the course is totally free is so that we can reach out to everyone in the community without people worrying about money. The only thing we want from anyone is a bit of commitment. Each session has a group of volunteer coaches who look after everyone and keep everything enjoyable. We spend most of the hour laughing which helps everyone relax.

Rye Runners

“Anyone who wants to join the ten-week free course can email info@ryerunners.com for a registration form. Registration is essential.

“The Rye Runners beginners’ courses have been running for ten years with great success and have been successful in getting lots of local people up and out into our amazing countryside: people who, at the start of the ten week course, struggle to run across the playing field will realise their potential and will by the end of the course be able to get to the beach and back.

“It’s great to exercise in a group. You form new friendships and realise that getting fit isn’t as bad as you think. We always say to everyone who comes: ‘Don’t worry about anything; just turn up and enjoy yourselves.’

Rye Runners

“We start this Saturday at 10:30am and meet each week (Saturdays) at the same time. All abilities welcome from complete beginners to returning runners. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how much you enjoy yourself.”

Image Credits: Rye Runners .

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