Rye’s indoor cricketers unbeaten


Rye: 106 all out
Hastings Priory 3s: 77-2

Rye looked to continue their unbeaten start to the indoor cricket season as they faced Hastings Priory 3s at Horntye. Quality performances all round from Rye’s cricketers with James Bunday proving to be a good pick. Good starts with the bat again, with Hammy [James Hamilton] getting 16 and then run out trying to speed up and Seabrook getting 37 not out with a top knock. Lovell got a first baller stumped, but let’s move away from that, ha-ha! That brought Will Wheeler to the crease, who hit 12 off his first two¬†balls and went on to get a very quick-fire 21. Bunday came out next and batted well for 10, but getting a lot of threes for other bats as well.

On to the bowling, with the partnership of Craig Pierce and Bunday bowling tightly and well with just a few no-balls from Pierce being a problem, but he returned figures of 0-22, and Bunday 0-23 with just his final over proving to be expensive! Next partnership on was Lovell and Hamilton, with both¬†bowling well, Lovell using good variation and getting figures of 1-16, the only bowling wicket, and Hammy bowling consistently, getting figures of 0-14. Good fielding all round with back walk fielding much improved and high-tempo smart fielding stopping any unnecessary runs. Good performance; let’s keep it going boys and keep getting the wins!

Team: Dan Seabrook, James Hamilton, Joe Lovell, William Wheeler, James Bunday and Craig Pierce

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