Waterworks flushed with success

Crib being played at the Rose and Crown Beckley

Rye crib league start the new year with the Waterworks team top of the Rye crib A league. They had a good run of results by winning all the matches they played before Christmas. This is surprising after only winning two matches in the last two seasons.

In second place is the Bedford Arms, also in contention is the Cinque Ports who only lost one match. In the Rye crib B league, Tenterden Club B team are top, four points ahead of their A team.

The leagues start the new year with all to play for, with 10 more matches to be played before the end of the season.

Image Credits: Dennis Leeds-George .


  1. When I saw the headline I thought it was a reference to the legendary Rye Waterworks Micropub which is famous even across the pond and vast wasteland of the US. God bless Dave Roder and his merry band!


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