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Ryers run the Marathon

Huge crowds turn out to create a carnival atmosphere as Rye residents raise thousands for charity and achieve their personal goals at this year's biggest ever London Marathon.

Rye, Me – the sassy edition

What is sassy? What's it all about? Well, it can be a day out, a success, or even a door with Diva splashed across it. Here are a few sassy items Britainy Rae is into this week

Why I blossom this time of year

It's spring. That doesn't really count with columnist Britainy Rae. But she finds the flowers just intoxicating. We have some serious horticultural talent in this little town, she says. Get involved!

Feet up? Not if the kids play up

Breakfast in bed, cards, flowers, chocs. What a pretty picture. Britainy Rae doesn't see Mothering Sunday in quite the same way. If we mums are to enjoy ourselves, she says, we usually have to make our children happy too. Here's how . . .

Obsessions, I’ve got a few . . .

Dogarina on ice, hauntings and my love for dresses that look like nightmares. Britainy Rae has been having a ball at the annual scallop fest. Her fashion sense? Don't ask. Take a look . . .

I’m in two minds about Cupid

Hate it? Love it? You know what I'm talking about. I confess that Cupid's bow strikes my heart - for drag, cabaret and Valentine tackiness

Here’s to a liquid xmas

I've just gone almost an entire year without a drop, so this week I'm lusting after Christmas drinks in Rye. A trip to The Mermaid could have you feeling as festive and British as a bulldog in a paper crown

My High Street gift guide

From Boudoir Bible, to dyed pink doggies, this is my guide to Christmas shopping on Rye High Street

Solange style and an award winner!

This week was rough. Painkillers didn't work. But old episodes of TOWIE did. I can't get enough of Gemma Collins. Her raging tears make me feel that my post-natal blubbing isn’t so ridiculous after all

Paper bags, painkillers, pyjamas

Oysters, champagne, painkillers, paper bags & avoiding the mirror. My week and yours, if you like . . .

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