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Pavements and payouts

How does East Sussex decide which potholes and pavements to repair? That is a question that is puzzling residents of Winchelsea after the county council agreed to repair one area of pavement but not the identically damaged one opposite....and meanwhile the council's payouts on pothole damages has tripled to a regional high

Defending the Strand Gate

Can the iconic Strand Gate in Winchelsea, which has been defending the Ancient Town for 700 years, survive the battering it is receiving from oversized vehicles ignoring height and width restrictions? Local residents are taking action to enforce the law

Free home repairs by Rother?

Does your house have loose tiles? Are there windows that need replacing? Worried about the expense? Well, why not hoist the cost onto Rother District Council? That's what an Icklesham parish councillor and former mayor of Winchelsea has managed to do

Residents defend Pipewell Gate

Everyone in Winchelsea agrees that the Pipewell Gate, which stands at the corner of the town overlooking Ferry Hill, is in urgent need of repair. Winchelsea Corporation, which owns the monument, claims that in order to get grants they must cater for visitors. But there is mounting concern among some residents that the Corporation's plans look a touch too Disney.

Winchelsea loses sole tea shop

Want to get a cup of tea in Winchelsea? Forget it. There is no longer a tea room in town. The latest closure continues the downward spiral of the businesses operated by Winchelsea Farm Foods, a trading subsidiary of a charity run by local retired hedge fund manager Stephen Rumsey

Rother refuse: in a mess

Rother amenities is under fire in Winchelsea & Rye about the new refuse regime. Have officials made an oversight or are they bent on doing what they want? In Winchelsea, Rother is seen as having form on this issue

No pavement for pedestrians

With reference to Tony Nunn's letter "Absence of road sense": I am afraid what he criticises as a pavement up Ferry Hill at  Winchelsea is...

Little Shop closes its doors

A central feature of Winchelsea has closed: the Little Shop general store in the High Street is no more. There is disquiet about the fate of the building which was at one stage bequeathed to the National Trust with the intention it should remain a village shop

Absence of road sense

Paths are meant to keep us off the road. This one forces us into it

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