Rye Town Model at the Heritage Centre


    The Rye Heritage Centre is now open after a major upgrade and invites you to find out more about Rye’s rich past.

    Housed in a converted 19th century sail loft by Strand Quay the Centre offers the chance to take a stroll along their new Victorian pier experience. Smell and hear the sounds of the sea while you enjoy our most popular historic seaside penny arcade attractions.

    Visit the Town Model (a vintage, hand built 1:100 scale model of Victorian Rye that uses dramatic sound and light effects to bring to life 700 years of Rye’s rich history and folklore) and linking the model story, digital interpretation and traditional displays to provide visitors with a unified experience.   We hope this will encourage visitors encouraging to continue their exploration of the Town’s significant history.

    Artist Richard Adams in his studio signing ‘Rye’s Heritage’ posters  which are available online

    Image Credits: Nick Forman .