On the fringe

Now is the winter of our discontent - Emily Carding brings Richard III into our faces

A series of exciting shows will take place around the edges of the official programme of the Rye Arts Festival at World of Legend on the Mint.

The first will be Brite Theatre’s production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Starring Emily Carding as Hamlet and the audience as the rest of the characters. It will be interesting to contrast this with the fully cast Hamlet that Carding starred in earlier this year

This show takes place at 7pm on Thursday September 20. The following evening at the same time Carding reprises her one woman Richard III.

The intimate space at World of Legend helps to create a unique atmosphere and both performances are likely to be very special.

World of Legend is also putting on its own show during the Arts Festival. The Maddening will be shown at 4pm and at 7pm on Saturday September 15. The interactive story is set in 1920 and involves the strange disappearance of a soldier in the trenches of World War !. The audience will be kept busy, acting as paranormal investigators.

Tickets for all of these shows may be purchased online.


Image Credits: Manuela Giusto for Re-Loaded Festival.


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