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Published on April 20 2017. News
Have you got the power?
The wind farm on Romney Marsh keeps our energy coming - but how do we cope without energy ?

Have you got the power?

Power cuts can be irritating and inconvenient but for some people they can be dangerous and debilitating. If you or a friend, relative or neighbour are in the latter category, please consider registering with UK Power Networks who provide a priority service for people who may be particularly adversely affected by a breakdown in electricity supply.

People in need who register will have access to a 24-hour phone number for updates and will receive extra information and regular updates. If a power cut is protracted, they could also be eligible  for free hot food, water, mobile-phone charging and so on. People who need electricity for medical reasons, such as dialysis or breathing apparatus, would also receive additional help.

More information can be found online.

Source:  Rye Neighbourhood Watch

Photo: Rye News library

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