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Published on August 3 2017. News
Iden Road closure
No through Road

Iden Road closure

The B2082 road to Iden from the A268 junction at the former Peace and Plenty is closed for six weeks to September 10, say Southern Water. It is  constructing a new 1.9km main along Iden Road to replace the existing pipe which is in nearby farmland.

The main sewer that carries the wastewater from Iden village away for treatment was built more than 50 years ago and has burst on a number of times in recent years, the company says.

The work will be carried out by Southern Water’s delivery partner MGJV. There will be no access for through traffic during this time, however, residents of Iden Lane will be able to access their properties.

A diversionary route is available using Playden Road, Houghton Lane and Grove Lane.

Photo: Kenneth Bird

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  1. Strve Rutter says:

    Is this seriously the official diversionary route for ALL vehicles inluding HGVs?
    Grove/Houghton Lane are completely unsuitable for large vehicles and therefore dangerous. I believe the actual diversion is a very different route via Wittersham. You should check your copy and the Highways authorities should check their signage.

  2. John Stedman says:

    South East Water will also be commencing works on the A268 at the end of August (running through to Christmas or thereabouts) to complete replacement of the water main that runs along that road by the old Peace and Plenty (the section nearer to Peasmarsh was replaced a couple of years ago). Although the road will remain open, there will necessarily be traffic control in place. Coupled with the Iden Road works, this should provide plenty of entertainment…….

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