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Exchanges enlivened this year’s annual meeting of Rye Partnership when chairman Keith Glazier was confronted with questions from Anthony Kimber and organic farmer Christopher Strangeways. They wanted to know more about the money trail of the Partnership’s projects: a spending breakdown in detail because the accounts presented lacked the detail sought. At one stage Glazier described a £96,000 loss as “not major”, not one that gave the Partnership “any concern” though he did promise that a breakdown of that loss would be sent to Strangeways - a week later that promise has, as yet, to be kept. It also became apparent, after the meeting, that Rye’s town hall has never received minutes of any Partnership meeting. “No reports, summaries or minutes are sent/received,” said Richard Farhall, the Town Clerk. Neither do councillors on the board represent the town council. Sam Soustser says he represents Rother, Jo Kirkham says she represents Rye Voluntary Services

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The debate between directors of Rye Partnership, members and the public had no flash points but there were clear areas of concern. These included Tilling Green's new community centre, projects and financial losses. We publish some of the exchanges word-by-word . . .

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Wendy Vu, owner of Elegant Nails in Landgate is running in the Hastings half-marathon on Sunday to raise money for a Vietnamese child injured and scarred in an acid attack.

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Limited tourist information services will move to the Rye Heritage Centre on Strand Quay following the Lion Street office closure. While visitors to the town will find answers to their enquiries, phone calls and email requests will be handled by The 1066 Country website

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For several nights, residents of the Ancient Town have found themselves cut off from Rye by roadworks on the A259 and having to get home via Pett. This is despite assurances from the Highways Agency and its contractor that they would be escorted in and out of the village.

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Everyone in Winchelsea agrees that the Pipewell Gate, which stands at the corner of the town overlooking Ferry Hill, is in urgent need of repair. Winchelsea Corporation, which owns the monument, claims that in order to get grants they must cater for visitors. But there is mounting concern among some residents that the Corporation's plans look a touch too Disney.

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Rye Harbour's lifeboat crews have just held two open sessions to encourage volunteers to come forward. But the response was a letdown for the men and women who often risk their lives for us, reports K T Bruce

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Rye Police have donated £500 to Rye Sports Centre to assist with the funding of an upgraded CCTV system. The gift comes from the Police Property Act...

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Authors vying for East Sussex Children’s Book Award, organised by the county council’s Schools Library and Museum Service, will be visiting schools across the county...

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Rye Harbour Sailing Club is holding a Boat Jumble at the club on Sunday morning March 22 from 10:30.

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Motorists  illegally using Blue Badges to park in disabled bays and avoid parking charges were the target for enforcement teams in a recent day...

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Rye Studio School students visit New York to study art, drama and retail skills; learn about every aspect of opera including costume design as a follow-up to the Rye Arts Festival; and acquire work placement experience in order to focus both on academic exams and future job opportunities

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Town Hall staff and Rye News reporter Charles Harkness and myself were among the few to witness the raising of the Commonwealth flag on...

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Rye's new Church of England bishop, the Rt Rev Richard Jackson, Bishop of Lewes (pictured above), will be making his first visit to Rye...

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In a scheme believed to cost not less than £15 million, the Environment Agency has just published plans to strengthen flood defences on the east bank of the Rother which will further protect homes in New Road and Kings Avenue. But funding is not guaranteed and it will be seeking 'contributions'

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Tilling Green's old school is being replaced with 30 new homes and a new community centre. But while the community grows, with Valley Park eventually adding another 161 homes, the proposed new centre is shrinking. Current plans leave the community with about a third of the space it currently has, while the Rye Partnership takes over half the building. Alternatives are being proposed - and questions asked

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A recent talk at Rye Club highlighted the problems of homelessness in Hastings and the steps being taken to help those involved by Seaview Project

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Come and celebrate Commonwealth Day and hear a message from HM the Queen, on March 9 at the town hall. Join in locally and nationally to share in raising the Commonwealth flag

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Supporters of a 38 Degrees action day met with a big response in Rye - hundreds signed a petition calling on parliamentary candidates to pledge that they would stop further privatisation of the NHS

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As the pile of rock armour to keep the sea out of Dungeness nuclear power station grows steadily, so are the numbers of migrating birds - and local protestors warn that bird strikes may be a bigger threat