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Published on February 8 2018. Sport
Centre bans tri swim coaching
Young would-be triathletes

Centre bans tri swim coaching

A few weeks ago we published an article about swim training, geared towards the requirements for triathlon, at the Rye Sports Centre. The first session for 2018, an hour for children and then an hour for adults, took place as scheduled, two weeks ago and was considered by all those participating to be a great success, thanks to the hard work of Hazel Fulker and her team (all British Triathlon qualified and registered coaches).

However, the management of the Sports Centre now consider it to be in competition with their own swimming instruction and despite having no similarly triathlon-qualified coaches of their own, have refused to allow future training sessions. 

However whilst clearly a great disappointment for all taking part – especially for the children, some of whom were starting to show signs of real talent – all is not lost. Monthly swim training workshops for all age groups have been arranged in Hastings, at St Mary’s school and there are regular children’s classes at the Holiday Park (not Pontins) pool in Camber.

In addition, spinning classes will be starting on February 22 at Playden Village Hall and bike-fit and run sessions will also be based there.

For further information, contact Hazel Fulker, email

Photo: John Minter

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