Monthly Archives: October 2014

Storm in a Winchelsea teacup

A recent article in "The Countryman" magazine took aim at the civic pretensions of Winchelsea. Residents from all sides of the community have complained about the inaccuracies that riddle the article, but these appear to have been supplied by a couple of residents in an own goal

I’ve lost my heart to Halloween

It's pumpkin and party time and this week's guide gives you the lowdown on Halloween from apple-bobbing to zombies

Mallard cruises to victory

With the weather changing, delays to the start and three boats in close contention to claim the title, it was an eventful final weekend for Rye Harbour Sailing Club's Autumn Series. Richard Hopper reports.

The ghosts of Rye . . .

With lights flickering in nooks and crannies and shadows lengthening along cobbled streets, the town's interesting history of smugglers and pirates lends itself to a ghostly tale or two. Here's a poem about grizzly goings-on in the citadel . . .

Solo composer to piano soloist

Alexander Chapman-Campbell started composing at 12, but always in secret - until his debut album, "Sketches of Light", launched him into the spotlight. On Saturday November 15 he will be performing his own music at Wittersham

Crackdown on stolen goods

Police forces from Sussex, Kent, Surrey and Thames Valley have joined forces to make life difficult for burglars - by identifying their life-blood: secondhand shops that buy stolen goods

Gallery is younger, edgier

The current exhibition at Rye Art Gallery, the first curated by new director Jane Venn, signals a change of direction towards an edgier gallery. Britainy Rae approves

Pasta with a Bling to it

Diners have a night of live entertainment with their pizzas and spaghetti at the popular Rye restaurant Simply Italian this Thursday - with music courtesy of The Bling Crosbies

Room for improvement

The fact that the two big supermarkets are pulling out of the Ferry Road site is the perfect opportunity to put it back into...

Go into the red on Pink Friday

Siren and Pearl, at its new home on Rye's High Street, will be donating 10% of its takings on Friday October 31 in support of the charity Breast Cancer Care. Give your support by buying new - and handing over your old - bras

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