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Sacrifice goes up in smoke

The nation's symbol of remembrance - the poppy - was burnt as part of Rye Bonfire Night on Saturday. It is now the subject of debate. Here Colonel Anthony Kimber, a former serving soldier and president of the Rye & District Royal British Legion, tells us why this was, at best, ill-judged

Bonfire poppies were a nice tribute

What is your take on Rye Bonfire's controversial effigy?

A boy’s life as it’s lived

It's an unusual approach: the life of Mason, from a boy of five to a young man of 18, filmed over 12 years with...

Get into a great guide now

The Rye Bay Guide is recognised as a cut above similar publications and now is the time for advertisers and sponsors to make sure they are included in the 2015 edition

Couples come dine on TV

Did you miss your chance of five minutes of fame when "Mapp and Lucia" were in town? Never mind: Channel 4's "Come Dine With Me" are continuing their scouting for a new series featuring couples in the kitchen

Spending force or spent force?

A week ago the idea of a town steward, aka an odd-job man, was rejected by Rye councillors. Suddenly, it's back on the agenda. The decision has been revoked and on Monday there's a special meeting of the council to push the idea through. So, why the rush to spend taxpayers' money, asks councillor Mary Smith

Rye’s burning issue – parking

It has happened again. Rye News - again - has the photos that show we need leadership, not words, if the town is to avoid a shameful incident: an emergency in which lives are lost or a part of the Citadel is destroyed because of the commonplace: cars, lorries, vans parked where they will. Tuesday's fire highlighted the fact that controls are needed. It leaves Rye's citizens wondering who will finally DO something

Things that go bump in the evening

Richard Crowest chilled a few nerves and raised a few goose bumps with his storytelling at Lamb House on an autumnal Sunday afternoon. Tim Redfern huddled in the twilight as the weather outside added to the haunting sounds

Hitler’s plans for Rye Bay

Following the fall of France in the Second World War, Nazi Germany planned to invade Britain in a joint air and sea operation known as Operation Sea Lion. Planned landings in Invasion Zone C included a Mountain regiment at Fairlight, an Infantry regiment at Camber and a Panzer regiment heading for Rye.

Move coaches to Gibbet Marsh

I've been speaking to one of the store owners in Rye. He was very supportive about increasing the parking on a Thursday. Coach parking brings...

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