Bonfires and teetotal torture


I’ve had another busy week! I went to a really well curated, candlelit gig at Knoops. Hopefully more of those to come, we need  more original music in Rye! Then, of course, there was Halloween.

Cake by Wish Street Cakes, Rye
Cake by Wish Street Cakes, Rye

Sunday night, my sister organised a baby shower for me. Look at the cake . . .

Amongst all this fun I’ve been researching for my column . . .  cocktail tasting and meetings about new business ventures on our High Street, searching the shops for bonfire season buys . . . for you. So if you enjoy reading this, you can return the favour . . . see this week’s “To talk about”

To do (other than Rye Bonfire)
Free cake tasting at the Country Market
Friday November 7 10-11:30am, Rye Community Centre, Conduit Hill, Rye
I’m issuing a cuteness alert for this super sweet event: the Country Market is held in the Community Centre each Friday throughout the winter, but this Friday is special. It’s tasting time and it’s all free. Try out Christmas cake, mince pies, apple and cinnamon cake and loads more home-baked goodies. And then place your Christmas orders. Teas and coffee served. Get there on time, our What’s On guide states that there will be a queue outside. Worth turning up just to see that. I wonder if there’s a “one-in one-out” policy . . . is there a bouncer? Will anyone be caught using “cake I.D?” The suspense is killing me.

To drink
Ship’s Cider Brew. £7.50 at The Ship Inn, The Strand, Rye

Appleicious. Cider Brew Cocktail £7.50, The Ship
Apple-icious. Cider Brew Cocktail

The Ship wins again. This amber coloured, apple season cocktail is served in a glass tankard with a huge, icy, sorbet-like frothy head. Homemade ginger syrup, Black Seal Rum, Four Square Spiced Rum and lemon juice all blended with ice and topped up with real farm cider from a few miles away in Robertsbridge. Autumnal, textured and mouth-wateringly tart and refreshing, this is my perfect bonfire season beverage. It was teetotal torture, stopping myself from downing the whole thing when manager Theo invited me to try one . . . I miss drinking. Have one for me . . .

To buy
Bargain-price flowers and a toffee treat

Flame- Coloured Flowers for only £2. Rye Market Flower Stall, Cattle Market Car Park, Thursdays only
Flame-coloured flowers for only £2
Bonfire Toffee £5.95 Merchant and Mills, Tower Street Rye
Bonfire Toffee £5.95

Another amazing design by Merchant and Mills (Tower Street, Rye). I love their style. Amongst the fine fabrics and “best scissors you can buy” – according to my mum –   you can buy this festive little artisan treat, made in Norfolk. I actually hate toffee, but this is worth buying for the packaging alone. You can keep the image for a collage or to stick on a pinboard if you’re cool. And what about these flame-coloured flowers for only £2 from the Rye Market flower stall, Cattle Market Car Park, Thursdays only.


To talk about
This comes with a “Hypocrite Warning,” of sorts

Last week I was dressing up as poo, this week I’m waging war on it . . . but this is REALLY getting to me. Why are ALL the pavements in Rye covered with dog stuff? I am sick of dodging it. I have to swerve all over the place when I’ve got the pram. Everyone hates a grass, but I hate people who leave their dog’s poo on the pavement even more. I don’t leave the house early enough to catch the offenders, it takes me ages to put my face on, and I smashed my Ray-Bans.

So maybe a few of you responsible dog owners could catch the ones giving you a bad name. I urge you to put your phones to good use by filming / photographing these scumbags and reporting them. Follow this link.

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Photos: Britainy Rae

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